Day #1605 (Tue., May 27, 2014) – Now Mommy Is Sick

My wife has gotten what I have. It’s rough around the house these days. Not only are both my wife and I sick and trying to recover Katie, the little Energizer Bunny, is all over us whenever there is nobody to take care of her. At a time like this nannies are a godsend.

2014-05-27 - Castle For The QueenI took over playing with Katie this evening as my wife wanted to rest. We ended up playing with Legos and creating a castle for her toy queen (see photo to the left).

My wife went to bed early this evening so I put Katie to bed. It’s easier to get her into the bedroom these days as she wants you to read her stories…but after that it can be a bit of challenge. This evening she wanted a banana. We didn’t have a banana so I took her some cheerios and raisins. She munched on that for a bit but when I left her alone she was jumping about on the bed. When I went to see her again she asked for some warm juice…so I got her a juice pack. When I left her this time she was playing with her doll. I told her she needed to rest as tomorrow was a big day. She wanted to know why but I told her she needed to wait til tomorrow to find out. When I left her she was singing (which I could hear through the baby monitor). Eventually she fell asleep.

1) My wife is sick now so I tended to Katie.