Day #1610 (Sun., June 1, 2014) – Luke’s Party

I went to WalGreens at 10am this morning to pick up Katie’s medicine. The doctor prescribed a liquid anti-biotic and the only place that sold it was a WalGreens in Jamestown (near High Point). As the pharmacist did some more digging he found out that this was an error. He was thinking of giving us a pill but found out that they had a similar liquid product at the WalGreens near where I work…so off I went. By the time I picked it up and got home it was close to noon.

My wife told Katie that she would be going to Luke’s birthday party this afternoon and Katie, the budding comedian, started to pretend it was Bodie’s party. “When are we going to Bodie’s Party” she would say. Probably gets all this from daddy.

2014-06-01 - Train SetThere were a ton of Katie at Luke’s party…they hosted it at a park. I was not feeling the best so I stayed home. I guess that Katie only played with Elery. The photo to the right shows the present we got Luke.

Katie wanted me to tell her a bedtime story this evening. I told her that she could choose three objects. Her choice?

  1. Dead Seal
  2. LadyBug
  3. Tree that falls on the LadyBug

1) Katie is turning into quite the comedian…she pretended today’s Birthday Party was Bodie’s.