Day #1611 (Mon., June 2, 2014) – To The Zoo With Stephanie

2014-06-02 - Craft For NikkiKatie loves her arts & crafts. The photo to the left shows the craft she made for Nikki.

Stephanie is taking care of Katie today. Katie gave her this look of disgust as soon as she saw her (such attitude) but warmed up once she learned Stephanie was going to take her to the zoo.

I guess they had fun at the zoo but there was this group of school kids who were acting immature which kind of ruined it for everyone.

This evening I pretended I needed a hanger to put my dirty sweaty shirt on and Katie was it. She would howl with delight at this game and then throw the shirt back at me. She is very aggressive and physical in her play at times…more like a boy than a girl. Then again, she will be upset if she sees someone crying on the television and sure loves her arts & crafts.

1) Stephanie took Katie to the zoo today.