Day #1625 (Mon., June 16, 2014) – Stephanie Resigns

Stephanie told us that she is looking for new opportunities and will no longer be our nanny. I know that she broke up with her boyfriend and that Katie sometimes says she doesn’t want to play with her (which she says to me and Nikki and everyone else too)…so I’m sure that entered into the mix somewhere.

My wife contacted Margaret and she is happy to come back as our nanny again. Nikki might be able to pick up some of the slack. We just have to figure out the schedule.

2014-06-16 - Great To Be A CatTake a look at the photo to the right. It’s great to be a cat…

This evening my wife and Katie and I went for a walk up the street and back. Katie insisted on being pushed in the stroller for a bit. Soon we met a house with a barking dog. Of course Katie rushed up onto the lawn to say hello. As she turned and ran back the dog started to chase her. We yelled at her to stop so the dog wouldn’t run her down and bite her.

1) Katie ran away from a barking dog this evening.