Day #1626 (Tue., June 17, 2014) – Missing Medicine

2014-06-17 - Sleeping With KatieRobin has taken a liking to Katie as of late. He will follow her around and is always interested in what she is doing. In the photo to the right she is sleeping on Katie’s bed.

I stopped off at the 24hr WalGreens to pick up more of Katie’s lyme disease medicine. The lady could not find it and suggested I call my wife. I was able to get my wife on the phone and she emailed me the particulars of the prescription so I went back. Another woman waited on me this time. She was able to find the prescription. It was in a “special place” that the other woman was not aware of. Go figure…

This evening my wife and I took Katie for a walk. This turned out to be a stroll for Katie as she sat in the stroller most of the way. My wife says that she prefers this as she doesn’t have to carry Katie if she gets tired and gets more exercise by pushing the stroller as well. Helen is off in the mountains with her mother and brothers but we had a chat with Brian as we passed by his house. We met a boy who was playing basketball and Katie tried out a few basketball tricks with his ball.

As we were walking/strolling home Katie mentioned how she wanted to have a party with a pinata. We got talking how we could make one out of a balloon with paper mache.

1) Katie expressed an interest in making a pinata this evening.