Day #1627 (Wed., June 18, 2014) – Katie’s Camping Gear

2014-06-18 - Polka DotsWhen I got home after work this evening my wife and I again took Katie for a stroll down the street. This is getting to be a habit every evening…and a good habit at that.

When we got back home Katie got into her coloring mode. This evening, for the first time, we noticed that she colored within the polka dots on Minnie Mouse’s headband (see photo to the right). We praised her lavishly and she lapped it up.

Katie’s “camping gear” came this evening in the mail. Since she will be taking so many day camps there is a need to have accessories to not only hold her lunches and snacks but to keep them warm as well. The set that came this evening had not only a pouch an a container for sandwiches, but a “hot container” as well that my wife will be able to utilize to keep Katie’s hot dogs nice and toasty for a warm lunch away from home.

1) Katie’s artistic ability has grown to the level that she can now color within dots.