Day #1629 (Fri., June 20, 2014) – Dinner With Everett

One year ago today my mother died. In fact, on Friday I was in Nova Scotia taking care of business as it were. My how time flies.

2014-06-20 - Mud CakeThis evening we met Everett and his wife and daughter at Red Robin. It was quite the meal as the $114 price tag can attest to. Topping off all the burgers and fries and other tasty dishes was chocolate “mud” cake. A towering mess of ice cream and cake that was deceptively easy to consume (see photo to the right).

Katie really enjoyed playing with Evie (Everett’s daughter). She also eagerly consumed the kiddie burger and some of daddy’s fries. Of course she was all over the lemonade. At one point she wanted to leave, but that was only because she felt confined inside the restaurant. Once we were outside the girls were all over the fencing and benches surrounding the restaurant.

When we got home my wife and Katie eagerly prepared the birthday present that they are going to give to MacKenzie tomorrow. MacKenzie is one of Katie’s classmates.

1) Katie and Evie had a great time at Red Robin this evening.