Day #1630 (Sat., June 21, 2014) – MacKenzie’s Birthday

My wife took Katie to MacKenzie’s birthday party this morning. I stayed home to do some paperwork and bake granola as outlined by Cooks Illustrated. My wife later told me that it was one of the best snacks she has tasted in a long while.

2014-06-21 - Pirate PresentsThe birthday party was “Pirate Theme” based and I guess it was one of the best thought out and executed child birthdays my wife has ever been too. That’s quite the complement considering my wife has been getting the reputation of great themed child’s parties. The photo to the left shows the presents we got for MacKenzie. Two highlights of the day were dressing up as a princess courtesy of MacKenzie’s huge wardrobe and a butterfly pinata (in which Katie was the only kid who didn’t want to try to break into). She later told me that she didn’t want things falling on her head.

On the way home they stopped off at CiCi’s and Katie got her first real haircut. Our little girl is growing up.

My wife was really tired this afternoon so she went to bed and I took over tending to Katie. We started off by making our own pinata out of an inflated balloon, some newspaper, and flour and water. We left it out on the patio to dry. We then did some “Search & Find”, read stories, and watched “The Flintstones”.

1) Katie got her first real haircut via CiCi today.