Day #1634 (Wed., June 25, 2014) – Sea Monkeys

2014-06-25 - Shoe PacifierLook at what I found in my shoe this morning (see photo to the right). Katie told my wife that this was one that we forgot to take to the little babies.

I had to work late this evening and when I got home Katie was out on the patio. She informed me that she was already eating her chicken.

During our evening “stroll” (for Katie) or walk (for my wife and I) Katie asked me what types of animals we had when I was growing up. This was an extension of a conversation we had yesterday. I took the opportunity to tell her that I had “Sea Monkeys” and she was very curious about this. When we got home I showed her some videos of Sea Monkeys on YouTube.

Katie asked me if they liked me or my father. This was in response to our chat yesterday in which I told her that the budgie (i.e.: parakeet) we had when I was growing up liked my father but not me.

1) I told Katie about the Sea Monkeys we had when I was growing up.