Day #1635 (Thu., June 26, 2014) – 1/2 Day Gym

My wife picked Katie up at gym camp just before 4pm today. Katie was expressing a desire to go to YoPop. My wife said if she want back and played for 15 more minutes they would go to YoPop on the way home, but if not, they would go directly home. Katie opted for the later option. She has told my wife that she wouldn’t mind a 1/2 day gym camp, but full day gym camps are a bit too much.

2014-06-26 - Mickey Mice Device Katie has expressed interest in soccer camp…maybe because I’m always saying how good she would be at it. I’m almost certain that her favorite day camp will be Spencer’s Farm, but we’ll see…

When I got home from work this evening Katie met me at the door with a Mickey Mouse audio device around her neck (see photo to the right). I’ve seen that before…but this seemed like a newer version? Perhaps it just got cleaned up…

1) Katie said that a 1/2 day gym camp would be fine but a full day is just too much.