Day #1637 (Sat., June 28, 2014) – Breaking The Pinata

My wife wanted to go see a chair that was for sale nearby so we bundled up Katie and off we went. It was great. Cost $25 and we picked up a little stand for $10 as well. We ended up touring the area around the lake and ended up at the “hippie house” we saw when we were first thinking of moving to Chapel Hill.

2014-06-28 - Broken PinataThis afternoon I put up the pinata and Katie had a few swipes at it. She really felt uncomfortable in breaking it…I’m not sure why. In the end my wife’s swat broke it open and lollipops fell onto the floor (see photo to the right). I think the idea of a pinata excited Katie more than the actual event.

This evening we were invited over to our neighbor’s house for dinner. Ginger, their dog, was all over us of course. They made the best macaroni and cheese I have ever had. We got into a conversation about introverts and extroverts that fascinated me. Katie eventually got tired, and their baby got fussy, so we called it a night. Katie enjoyed being home and playing with her things.

1) We took Katie to see the “Hippie House” today.