Day #1640 (Tue., July 1, 2014) – Stephanie’s Last Day

Stephanie came to take care of Katie today, which will be her last. Izzie will be taking care of Katie tomorrow and on Thursday. Stephanie has remarked how quickly she has changed into a little adult.

I took Katie’s library books and dropped them off at the library today. In this way, my wife will be able to just go and pick more out without having to return anything. My oh my our child can sure go through one mass of books.

Katie is extremely polite. I think we can credit Nikki with that. She loves Katie but insists on manners and will not put up with foolishness. She refuses to let Katie say the word “hate”.

I took today off from work and managed to package up 12 boxes for our shed. Gradually making progress.

2014-07-01 - Drawing With KatieKatie loves to do almost anything artistic these days. The photo to the left shows one of the drawing books that Katie likes. Actually she will get us to draw the animals…but maybe one day she will join in on this activity as well.

1) Today was Stephanie’s last day to take care of Katie.