Day #1641 (Wed., July 2, 2014) – Missing Library Book

They haven’t called me back to the office so I’m still on vacation. I’m a happy camper.

Izzie came to take care of Katie today. She brought a bag of crafts from Target that she and Katie could do together. Katie is very happy…she has been mentioning how much she wants Izzie to come and take care of her.

My wife dropped Katie and Izzie off at Kidzoo this morning but soon Katie was saying how much she wanted to go home and do crafts…so home they went.

2014-07-02 - Missing BookMy wife has been looking for a missing library book (see photo to the left). We were not sure where it went. We knew that Stephanie sometimes took library books to her place…is this where it went? In the end Katie found it…it was under Katie’s shopping cart. She obviously put it there.

Katie has been asking me to make up stories where she came from. I would tell her we found her under a cabbage leaf. Then that the UPS guy delivered her. This evening I told her that I went to YoPop and when I dispensed some frozen yogurt from the machine out came this blonde head of hair with Katie attached. I’m thinking this would be a great children’s story to publish one day.

1) Katie loves to do the “Where Did I Come From” story.