Day #1643 (Fri., July 4, 2014) – Independence Day

Hurricane Andrew scraped the coast of North Carolina this morning. High winds, but as it was a fast moving storm there was not the damage that most had feared.

2014-07-04 Katie's ZebraI slept in this morning and as soon as I got up my wife wanted to go to bed. She was up early with Katie so now it was my turn to entertain our little bundle of energy. We started off by making cut out animals. A tiger, a leopard, and a giraffe. We also made a cutout veterinarian with a stethoscope and needle to help nurse these animals back to health. I was really impressed with what Katie did to the zebra cutout (see photo to the left). She managed to take a black marker and put black stripes on it and then created some white stripes out of pieces of foam. She is becoming more creative by the day.

I managed to do some things around the house today. I put the manila folders into our filing cabinet and secured the battery-operated security light to our front porch.

1) Katie made an adorable zebra cutout today.