Day #1647 (Tue., July 8, 2014) – Playing In The Sprinkler

Around 5am this morning my wife wandered from the bathroom into the bedroom with some exciting yet starling news… Her pregnancy test was positive. We were not sure what to think as it took us both quite by surprise. I went to work where we were entertaining subcontractors from Germany/Switzerland and was quite excited all day.

This is the second day of the Spencer Farm Day camp. My wife talked a bit with Katie’s teacher John (Katie calls him “Good John or actually Handsome John”) today. She asked if Katie was causing him any problems. He said it’s quite the opposite – he is happy to see her name on the list. There are kids that he would rather not have in his group. Apparently in the morning Katie just followed John around but around noon she “woke up”.

Katie was very upset when my wife dropped her off this morning. She took her to John and he started talking about horses and that calmed her down right away. The name of Katie’s horse was Rosie. Today they picked blackberries. They had the option to work in the garden if they wanted, but Katie opted out. She did pat the bunnies and the chickens.

2014-07-08 - SprinklerWhen it came time to pick up Katie my wife could not find her. She was sitting in the treehouse eating her lunch. She somehow managed to come home with someone else’s socks?

This evening my wife was tired so I tended to Katie while she slept. I would have preferred to stay inside but Katie wanted to go out and play in the sprinklers (see photo to the left). We played outside til the bugs got to daddy. These things called “no see ems” are particularly nasty…

1) Katie ate her lunch in a treehouse today.