Day #1670 (Thu., July 31, 2014) – Soccer Camp T-Shirt

2014-07-31 - Soccer Camp T-ShirtToday is the last day of Katie’s soccer camp. After the initial shyness of the first day she adapted quite well. She got some goals, which is nice. Today they gave out a nice t-shirt as a momento of their time together (see photo to the left). Time will tell if this is some activity that she wants to keep doing in the future.

This evening I went to WholeFoods and Trader Joe’s to pick up supplies. When I got home I noticed we already had two gallons of goat’s milk and a dozen eggs in the fridge along with an extra box of Cheerios in the fridge. My wife thought we needed supplies and I could have easily checked the fridge and cupboards before I left. I guess we are just really tired these days.

To top matters off, when I got home Katie had aligned all her toy animals in the kitchen so I had a hard time putting the groceries away. Looks like I’m going to have to have a conversation again with her about cleaning up after herself.

1) Katie got a t-shirt from soccer camp today.