Day #1673 (Sun., Aug. 3, 2014) – Elephant Models

2014-08-03 - Build An ElephantMy wife was feeling a bit better this morning so I went to run errands. I returned some clothes to Kohl’s for her and then went to Sam’s Club to get one huge box of copier paper (5000 sheets for $27.88). While there I got Katie a Jungle Animal play set where you get to create your own elephant models (see photo to the left).

Katie and I played with the Jungle Animal play set for quite a bit of the afternoon while my wife took a nap. She really enjoyed the sticker portion of the play set. In fact this morning she said that she wanted to play with her jungle animals instead of doing drafts…which is something new. She seems to have abandoned her love of jungle animals in favor of crafts as of late but perhaps this passion is back.

Katie didn’t know what an ocelot was so I brought a video of one up on YouTube. I also showed her a video of a sloth (which she call slot). Later in the evening I asked her was a sloth was and she said an animal that lives in the trees and moves real slow. A pretty good description.

This evening I put on “Pajanimals” for Katie…a show that is carried by Netflix. It’s a great children’s show to get them ready for bedtime.

1) Katie is into watching Pajanimals as of late.