Day #1672 (Sat., Aug. 2, 2014) – Flashing Shoes

My wife was feeling more energetic this morning so we bundled up Katie and took her for a drive to see where she will be attending dance class on Monday. The location was rather obscure…off a dirt road behind an American Legion Hall, but we managed to locate it.

2014-08-02 - Flashing ShoesKatie has misplaced one of her crocs. She was playing in a puddle the other day and for some reason, one is missing. My wife wonders if a dog took it. At any rate we ended up at the Red Hen and when they didn’t have any suitable shoes went to the shoe store next door. They had a pair of pink shoes that flash on sale for $10. Katie has been asking for a pair of flashing shoes for a while now so we gobbled them up (see photo to the right).

This evening Katie asked my wife for a massage. While she was getting a massage she moaned and groaned…just like my wife does when I give her a massage. Katie mimics everything these days.

1) Katie got her first pair of flashing shoes today.