Day #1683 (Wed., Aug. 13, 2014) – My Little Pony Sticker Book

Krista was supposed to take care of Katie this morning but she could not make it at the last minute as her husband was sick and she needed to take him to the ER. Nikki could not make it either as she had too much work to do. So, my poor wife had to tend to the bundle of energy that is “Hurricane Katie”. I told her to let me know if she couldn’t take any more of it and I would try to get out of the training class I am in all week. In the end Krista was able to make it and my wife went to bed for a nap.

2014-08-13 - My Little Pony Sticker BookThis afternoon Krista took Katie to Nikki’s pool. I guess that Katie still has a hard time putting her face under the water…even with goggles.

This evening we were running out of supplies, especially cheese, so I made a run. Katie was a bit of pain this evening so I told her that if she was nice to mommy while I was gone I would bring her a nice present. She was good, so I gave her a present…a “My Little Pony” sticker book (see photo to the left). She loved it.

1) Katie has a hard time putting her face under water when swimming.