Day #1685 (Fri., Aug. 15, 2014) – German Girl

My wife had an early morning doctor’s meeting so Nikki arrived at 8am take care of Katie. Krista will be taking care of Katie this afternoon.

2014-08-15 - The CribKatie has not played much with the baby crib I made her. Having said that, she did wrap up teddy for a good night’s sleep (see photo to the right).

Katie played a lot in Nikki’s pool with a German girl, Laynee, who is the daughter of Nikki’s neighbors. Apparently they just came from Germany and the little girl doesn’t speak much English. This causes some problems as she doesn’t understand Katie when Katie gives her suggestions (i.e.: orders) on what to do.

I guess Katie bit a piece out of the little German girl’s foam play toy. We’re still not sure why but this caused quite the drama. Krista said that she would try to look for this same toy at the store tomorrow. When the drama passed they both went back to the German girl’s home to watch “Frozen”.

I made pizza tonight. Katie ate two pieces, which is nice. If she eats there is a much better chance to put her to bed early…or at least on time.

My wife was fine when I got home from work but as the evening drew on she was getting more and more tired. Eventually she went to bed and I tended to Katie. We played “My Little Pony” stickers, I gave her some warm milk and soon we were on her bed reading stories.

1) Katie took a bite out of a German girl’s foam toy today.