Day #1689 (Tue., Aug. 19, 2014) – More Sticker Books

2014-08-19 - More Sticker BooksI stopped off at A.C. Moore’s at lunch today to pick up some more sticker books for Katie (see photo to the left). They are only $1.00 each and things like this tend to go out of stock when you need them the most. I purchased 2 sets of 7 different sticker books. It’s amazing how much joy only $1.00 can bring. They have the added benefit of calming Katie down and keeping her out of our hair when we need a rest.

Katie forgot her frog float toy today so Nikki had to support her in the pool. Katie really enjoys going for a swim at Nikki’s place. Maybe she will enjoy swimming so much that when she grows up she will want to join a swim team? Won’t be long now.

It seems that no matter how much Katie runs around during the day she needs to have a little bit of wrestling with daddy in the evening in order to get her ready for bed. This child has sooooo much energy…

1) Katie forgot her frog toy when she went swimming today.