Day #1690 (Wed., Aug. 20, 2014) – Rubber Boots In The Living Room

2014-08-20 - Sleeping With The CatsRobin will sometimes sleep with Katie. What made today special is that Batman, who usually runs when Katie comes near, joined in. You can see for yourself in the photo to the right.

Izzy took care of Katie today. She had an appointment at the orthodontist so her mother took her and Katie as well. While Izzy got checked over Katie played with coloring books in the waiting area.

This afternoon my boss told me that his wife and he are expecting their second child. Due in March of next year.

When I got home from work this evening Katie was in the living room with her rubber boots on. I asked her if she was expecting a flood. She looked perplexed by the question. She replied that she had them on in case she ran into a snake outside. I asked her if she saw any snakes in the living room. She replied “No” and then took her rubber boots off.

I wasn’t planning on giving Katie a present this evening but she was all over my wife and I as we were talking so I gave her the “Cat Sticker Book” that I picked up yesterday. That kept her occupied for a while but she was still very active. I ended up having to wrestle her as a way to burn off all that energy.

1) Both cats slept with Katie today.