Day #1717 (Tue., Sep. 16, 2014) – Taking Katie To School

2014-09-16 - Signing Her NameMy wife had to go to work today so I took Katie to school. She was rather chatty in the car but when I dropped her off at the classroom she got rather silent. First things first…she signed her name (see photo to the left).

When I went to leave she didn’t hug my leg or beg me to stay, which was nice. I peeked through the door and saw that she picked up a book and sat down in the chair to read it.

When I got home from work Katie was sitting in the LazyBoy. I pretended that I would sit in the LazyBoy as well as it was not occupied. Katie howls with delight at antics like this.

This evening I asked Katie if she had fun at school today. She told me that she couldn’t tell me because it was a secret.

1) Katie howled with delight when I pretended to sit on her.