Day #1718 (Wed., Sep. 17, 2014) – Katie’s Bad Joke

2014-09-17 - Cats And AllMy wife was trying to take some photos of the purchases we made at the consignment sale on Monday when the two cats came over and started to fight. You can see their antics in the photo to the right.

Katie came up with a bad joke today and apologized to my wife for it. My wife asked her who she told it to and her reply was nobody, but she just thought it. She eventually whispered it in my wife’s ear. “Put trash up your butt”. that was her “Bad Joke”.

I had an appointment with the chiropractor today. My neck is sore and he says it might be related to the auto accident I had last March. At any rate he sure gave me a workover. I went to bed as soon as I came home and didn’t wake up til after midnight.

With the baby on the way we are trying to juggle our finances. We know that it will roughly cost about $5000 to deliver the baby, so we’re planning to put more money on our flex account to fund this expense. We’d also like to get the rest of our driveway paved due to the potholes forming, and get our patio deck fixed and stained…but we’ll have to see.

1) Katie made up a bad joke today.