Day #1720 (Fri., Sep. 19, 2014) – Soccer Practice

2014-09-19 - SoccerI drove out to the soccer field after work today to see Katie play. My wife was already there. They had the field broken down into various sections to make smaller areas for the kids to play in. Katie was very excited to see me. You can see a photo of her playing to the left.

There were only three girls out of about nine and Katie was one of the tallest players on the field. She seemed to have lots of energy and although she got tired and came over to get water quite a bit she had no problem keeping up with the other kids. Having said that, she didn’t seem to have much of a real “killer instinct” to go after the ball. She was content to just run around with the other kids and go in the “general direction”.

After the game we drove out to Baba Ghanouj in Durham (near where I work). We had recently purchased a $20 Groupon and wanted to use it up. Katie was so wiped out from all that running that she slept in the back seat of the car during the ride there. We got two platters of kebabs and some lemonade for Katie. Once we sat down Katie expressed a desire for some french fries so I went back up and ordered some of those as well.

Since TCBY was next door we stopped off there for some frozen yogurt. Katie wanted a bowl of the “cotton candy” flavored variety but after a few licks she expressed a desire for daddy’s strawberry so we traded.

1) My wife and I went to see Katie’s soccer practice today.