Day #1721 (Sat., Sep. 20, 2014) – Daddy/Daughter Day #20

One of Katie’s favorite activities last year was going to the Spirit Halloween Store near Trader Joe’s in Chapel Hill. Unfortunately, being a seasonal store, it didn’t come back this year. The location it used to be at will soon be another pet store. At any rate, we did some searching and found that there was another Halloween Store in South Point Mall…near Nordstroms Department Store.

So, when my wife went to bed for a nap I decided to have Daddy/Daughter Day #20 and take Katie out to the Halloween Store so she could get her “fix” of scary stuff. Unfortunately it had no big mechanical ghosts like the Spirit in Chapel Hill did last year. There were lots of costumes and various dress up kits, but nothing that you could push the button and watch the scary stuff happen.

2014-09-20 - WalMart GhostOne of the employees suggested we try Target down the street so that was our next stop. They did have plenty of battery-operated devices, but they were all rather small…not like the huge ones at the Spirit Halloween Store last year. At any rate, Katie did get to try out the various items and seemed contented.

The last stop on our Halloween trip was WalMart. They had plenty of costumes and “blow up” air Halloween decorations (like the huge ghost one in the photo to the right), but not much in the way of battery-operated devices. We passed the Dollar Store and Katie remembered that this is where we got cotton candy. I told her that there was a better place so we stopped off at WilCo on MLK on the way home and got some.

1) Katie and I went shopping for scary stuff today.