Day #131 (Fri., May 14, 2010) – Combo Toy/Teether

3:45am – Mommy and Daddy are up. I changed little Katie and gave her to my wife for the feeding portion of the process. As I handed her over she grabbed me by my mouth. Those little hands and fingers are gradually finding what they are looking for. They used to thrash around and hope to find their target.

2010-05-14 - Baby Rattle
2010-05-14 - Baby Rattle

Little Katie slept for 7 hours last night. It’s been quite a while since she slept that long. My wife and I are rejoicing.

6:17am – Little Katie was making noises and woke us up…and she is peacefully sleeping. It’s great to be a baby. I might as well go to work…

My wife wanted to go to Kid-To-Kid this evening so we bundled little Katie up and went for a drive. We got a lot of nice things, including a combo toy/teether that says “I love my daddy” (see photo to the right).

The Boston Bruins lost to the Philadelphia Flyers tonight in ice hockey. From her reaction to the game you would think that she didn’t care too much for ice hockey. In reality we all know that she couldn’t bear to see her beloved Bruins lose…


1) Little Katie is back to sleeping 7 hours.