Day #130 (Thu., May 13, 2010) – Katie The Supervisor

I got up early this morning and went to work. The earlier I get to work the earlier I get home.

2010-05-13 - Our Neat Patio
2010-05-13 - Our Neat Patio

I got an email from my wife while I was at work. She is cleaning the patio (see photo to the left) from all the leaves and debris. Little Katie is happy to supervise from the comfort of her bouncy seat.

I got groceries this evening and my wife met me at the door with little Katie. She wanted me to spend some time with her before she put her to bed. So I washed my hands and took little Katie while my wife put the groceries away.

It’s amazing how little Katie is interested in “everything” these days. Even something as simple as washing a dish or putting a glass on the table interests her. She’s fascinated and wants to see it all, and if you disrupt her view, she will let you know about it. One scream is enough to let you know that you should not do that again.


1) Little Katie loves to supervise from the comfort of her bouncy seat.