Day #1728 (Sat., Sep. 27, 2014) – Content To Read Books

2014-09-27 - My Little Pony BookBoth my wife and I are getting over our cold/flu so it was a pretty relaxing day at home today. Katie for the most part was just content to stay home and read books. You can see her “My Little Pony Halloween” book in the photo to the left.

My wife took a nap this afternoon and Katie came to me and said that she wanted to get into mom’s office so that she could get a book. I kind of figured what was going on and my wife confirmed it when she got up from her nap. Katie knows where my wife keeps the books that she plans to give to her at some time in the future and thought that I might not know that.

We found the cat’s dish on the stairs to the basement this evening. No matter how many times we keep telling Katie she doesn’t listen or get it. She keeps thinking that the cats are hungry and will follow them around the house with food. She doesn’t seem to realize that if they are hungry it is much better that they always know where the food is…which means it is better to always have it in one place.

1) Katie was content to just stay home and read books today.