Day #1729 (Sun., Sep. 28, 2014) – Ventriloquism

I went to Trader Joe’s this morning for supplies. My wife wanted me to pick up some snacks for Katie’s soccer practice as it is her turn this week. I thought I would get some combination applesauce/strawberry fruit packs and my wife loved the idea. Not only are they good for you, the kids will get a kick out of opening up the little containers.

2014-09-28 - Stickers And DrawingWhile my wife slept this afternoon Katie and I played with the little jungle animal sticker album I gave her. I would draw a jungle scene and Katie would put the jungle animal stickers in it (see photo to the left). At one point I would draw an animals body and Katie would put a sticker of a jungle animal head on it.

As we were playing away CBS’s Sunday Morning was showing a piece about a ventriloquism convention. I explained to Katie how the person was able to throw their voice. She listened intently then asked me how the eyes and mouth moved. I explained how the person who was holding the dummy had buttons and leavers that they operated with their hand. Very good question for such a young girl.

1) Katie was asking some rather intelligent questions about ventriloquism today.