Day #1733 (Thu., Oct. 2, 2014) – Back To The Fish Class

2014-10-02 - Tree And AppleTake a look at the great picture that Katie did of a tree and an apple (see photo to the right).

When my wife dropped Katie off at preschool this morning they were greeted by Miss Mary. It was really nice to see that when Miss Mary said “good morning” Katie replied…something we’ve been working on for a while. Miss Mary mentioned to Katie that she enjoyed working with her dad at the Spaghetti Dinner last night.

Katie took her princess crown and purple high heels for “Show and Share” today. This is what we used to call “Show and Tell” back in the old days…where you brought something from home to show to the class and tell them about it.

Another eventful happening at preschool today. Eleri went bounding into the Fish class, which is the class that Katie and her were both in last year. Eleri went up to say hi to Miss April. Katie was shy at first but went up to say hi as well. Looks like little by little Katie is getting over her shyness and starting to greet people more.

I’m doing a search for “Spirit Halloween Stores” and see that even the ones in the Raleigh area are closed. Maybe the whole company has gone out of business?

1) Katie took her princess crown and purple heels to “Show And Share” this morning.