Day #1734 (Fri., Oct. 3, 2014) – Enjoying “Drinking The Water”

2014-10-03 - CrusherKatie took her activity book to “Show & Share” at her preschool today.

At 5pm I drove out to the soccer field to see Katie play. It was my wife’s turn today to bring the snacks (you can see one of the crushers in the photo to the left).

Katie really doesn’t seem to like soccer that much. She will run around after the other kids but really doesn’t kick the ball. At one point she was playing in the netting while the other kids were out kicking the ball around. As we were driving home I asked her what she enjoyed the most about playing soccer. Her reply was “Drinking The Water”… That about sums it up I guess.

Afterwards we went to the pizza restaurant near the Food Lion off MLK. Nothing fancy really…all those little pizza restaurants seem to be the same. Katie was not very hungry. She was more interested in climbing under the table and dunking her pizza in the water. She did want to go to YoPop thought. I made her tell me what she did in school today or I would take her right home.

At YoPop she only wanted vanilla frozen yogurt with some of those juicy pop balls. She sure is a particular little girl. I think she knew that we wouldn’t give her chocolate because it was evening time.

1) Katie said today that the best part about soccer was “Drinking The Water”.