Day #1735 (Sat., Oct. 4, 2014) – Twice To The Library

2014-10-04 - Snake SquashThe photo to the right shows the “Snake Squash” that my wife picked up from our neighbors house. It sure looks like a constrictor…kind of freaks me out.

I had to do some research at UNC’s Davis Library so my wife dropped me off outside and then took Katie to the Chapel Hill Library so that she could pick up some children’s books. A few hours later she dropped Katie off at Helen’s house to play and came to pick me up. My wife warned me that Katie was talking about YoPop so that may be on the agenda for this evening.

My wife was beat when we got home so she went to bed. I stopped by Helen’s house at 3pm to pick up Katie. Katie wanted to stay and play longer so Susan offered to take Helen to the library with her (which makes two times to the library for Katie today). She said that she would drop Katie off at home on the way back.

This evening Katie was full of pep and vigor. Read a lot of the Halloween books that she picked up at the library today didn’t seem to help.

When I left her room she ended up playing with Isabelle the Giraffe. She said that she wanted to sleep with Isabelle and promptly put her on her bed and nestled her head on Isabelle’s body.

Eventually things started to quiet down. Lights out at 9:30pm.

1) Katie went to the Chapel Hill Library twice today.