Day #1741 (Fri., Oct. 10, 2014) – Feeding The Donkey

Katie didn’t take anything to “Show & Share” today but she did tell me that Eleri took a toy fish whose fin wiggled. My wife picked Katie up from school and as they were leaving, Cooper was walking in front of them with his parents. Katie said: “I like Cooper. We were playing the game of Lava and he saved me!” Later today Katie told me that she made a new friend – Cooper.

2014-10-10 - Painted CowThis afternoon my wife took the day off from work and took Katie to the Science Museum in Durham. You can see her gazing at the painted cow in the photo to the right.

First Katie wanted to see the spaceship, then – snakes. They went to the coffee shop to get some lunch – Katie wanted a hamburger, French fries, pudding and lemonade. After lunch they went to the Insectarium to look at different bugs, spiders, frogs, bees, ants. At 2:30 they got to watch how they are being fed. Crickets appear to be standard food for spiders, frogs, crawfish, and tarantulas. My wife found it interesting that poisonous frogs are such because of their diet (they eat ants that eat poisonous plants) and in captivity they are not poisonous anymore.

After the feeding frenzy they checked on the dinosaurs and the wild animals – turtles, heron, bears, lemurs. Katie played with water a lot and also ran in the mist. At 4:30 they went to the farmyard to see how animals are being fed before the night. Katie got to give hay to the Donkey (which Katie told me was the highlight of the day for her). With 15 minutes left to the closing of the museum, Katie played in the playground (mostly in the sand box) and then they left. On the way out, in the bathroom, she met Duncan – the girls started shrieking from happiness… They had to go to the cars holding hands, Duncan even gave Katie her wand for a whole week.

When I got home this evening my wife and Katie had gone to the library. I decided that I would take a quick run to the gym. My wife sent me an email saying that they didn’t have anything for dinner so I stopped off at Bojangles and picked up an 8-piece dinner.

1) Katie got to feed a donkey at the Science Museum in Durham this afternoon.