Day #1742 (Sat., Oct. 11, 2014) – Haunted Gingerbread House

This morning my wife and I took Katie to a Fall/Halloween party at a nursery near SouthPoint. We saw MacKenzie and Bodie and their parents. Katie wanted to go on a hay ride but we took her to the line for a pony ride as it would fill up fast. When we got there Katie said she didn’t want to go on the pony so off to the hay ride we went. Later on she did want to go on the pony but the line was too long. We had to explain to her that she missed her opportunity.

2014-10-11 - Haunted Gingerbread houseMy wife got a haircut at CiCi’s this afternoon while Katie and I went to get ice cream at McDonalds. On the way home we picked up a pumpkin at a pumpkin stand that had a huge inflatable pumpkin.

Katie and I assembled the Trader Joe’s Haunted Gingerbread House this afternoon (see photo to the left). I think Katie ate more of the jelly beans than she put on the house. Afterwards I gave her a book of 1000 animal stickers.

This evening we had a country supper at the Methodist Church down the street. We then drove to Southern Village to see all the Halloween decorations. Katie fell asleep in the car and we put her to bed as soon as we got home.

1) Katie went for a hay ride today.