Day #1744 (Mon., Oct. 13, 2014) – Dressing Like Ariel

Our driveway, the part without the paving, has developed potholes. In order to rectify the situation I called up Home Depot. They guy told me that the best place to get stones is Mellott, a driveway and stone company in Chapel Hill. Once my neck feels better I’d load up the Camry trunk with some.

2014-10-13 - Isabelle's WigNikky is sick today so my wife picked up Katie after school and they went to the library. In the afternoon Katie wanted to dress up like Ariel (I saw the red wig on the floor when I got home from work…I put it on Isabelle to get it out of the way … see photo to the left).

At school today Vanessa sheepishly asked my wife if she was pregnant. She said that she was wondering for a while, but was afraid to ask.

My wife was real tired when I got home from work so I took over tending to Katie. Katie just sat in the LazyBoy and watched Scooby-Doo for the most part while I cleaned up the living room.

1) Katie wanted to dress up like Ariel this afternoon.