Day #1745 (Tue., Oct. 14, 2014) – Katie Goes To Work

2014-10-14 - Halloween TreeI thought I would show a pic of the Halloween tree that my wife picked up at the CVS Pharmacy a week or so ago (see photo to the right).

We ran into Vanessa as I was taking Katie to school today. She said that she suspected my wife was pregnant for a while but was afraid to ask. As we were walking towards the school we ran into Elise’s mom who said “Are you talking about what I think you are talking about”? I guess a lot of people are suspecting my wife is pregnant but are afraid to ask.

My wife took Katie to work today. I guess she was well behaved and everyone loved her.

Later in the day, when my wife and Katie were in the library, they ran across Eleri and her grandmother. My wife invited them over to the house to play. My wife was telling me how glad she was I did a bit of cleaning last night. My neck was feeling a bit better last night so I could bend down and get things. With my wife being sick/tired due to pregnancy it’s been tough to keep up with “Hurricane Katie”.

Oh, one more thing. Eleri is planning to be “Toothless” (aka: the dragon) for Halloween this year.

1) Katie went to work with my wife this afternoon.