Day #1765 (Mon., Nov. 3, 2014) – 5 Minute Cleanup

2014-11-03 - SpoonThe photo to the left shows Katie’s latest creation. My wife and I thought it was a spoon but when we asked Katie she said it was a decoration.

My wife sent an invitation to Teagan’s mom and dad for dinner sometime. It looks like they will be able to make it this weekend. I told Katie that we would be having Teagan over for a play date sometime soon and she was quite excited.

We instituted a new policy this evening. Before Katie brushes her teeth we will all get together in the living room and have five minutes of “clean up” time. My wife set the timer and when the bell goes off we are done. This is one way to help keep the mess under control. Not only did Katie join in, she wanted an extra five minutes to clean up. I’m sure the fact that she was going to have to go to bed after cleaning up never even entered her mind.

1) We started a 5-minute cleanup routine with Katie this evening.