Day #1766 (Tue., Nov. 4, 2014) – Election Day

Today is election day here in the United States. Mid-term elections. As a result Katie’s preschool was closed and we had to find a place to put her. We ended up sending her to Spence’s Farm for the day. This sounds a lot worse than the reality…Katie actually loved it. My wife tells me that she talked about it all the way home. Here’s what she did:
2014-11-04 - Crayon Tin

  • She got to hold and pat a baby bunny.
  • She got to pat a chicken but didn’t hold it.
  • She got to take turns with another girl in riding a horse and leading it.

As usual it was like pulling teeth to get this information out of Katie. The chattiness on the ride home did not extend to daddy by the time he got home from work.

Another 5 minutes of cleaning this evening. Katie seems to actually get into it for some reason. Not as much as making the initial mess mind you, but “into it” nonetheless. Her task is usually to put the wayward crayons into the tin (see photo to the right).

1) Katie got a chance to hold and pat a baby bunny at Spence’s Farm today.