Day #1767 (Wed., Nov. 5, 2014) – Ariel The Movie DVD

2014-11-05 - Ariel The MovieJust before she left for preschool today Katie told my wife that she was going to come up and give me a kiss on the lips goodbye. Where do they come up with this stuff?

When I got home from work today “Ariel The Mermaid” was playing on the television. We no longer have to go to YouTube to find a grainy video of the movie…Katie now has her own DVD (see photo to the left).

Nicky is off to Oklahoma tomorrow and Friday. My wife is going to take care of Katie on these two days but I told her that I could take time off she needs me.

My wife was too tired to help out with the 5 minute cleanup routine we have started, but Katie and I took up the slack.

We are having problems with water draining in the sink in the 2nd bathroom. I tried to take the plunger to it this evening but only black sludge came out. My wife did a Google search and it looks like it is a result of hair and dirt buildup in the pipes. It mentioned three solutions:

  • Hot water.
  • Combination of baking soda and vinegar.
  • Enzyme eating solution.

1) Katie got an Ariel DVD in the mail today.