Day #1773 (Tue., Nov. 11, 2014) – Off To Orlando

I would normally take Katie to school on Tuesday morning but I had an 8:30am conference call. After the call I packed and drove out to the airport…daddy is off to Orlando for the OpenText Conference. I arrived in Orlando around 2pm, then off to the hotel.

2014-11-11 - Leaf ArtThe photo to the right shows the leaf art that Katie created for my wife in class today.

As Katie gets older she is much more aware of what it means when mommy or daddy go away. As such I’m going to Skype (or at least call) home each evening. I couldn’t get Skype working on my laptop but it worked fine on the phone. I managed to call home to talk to Katie just after 5pm, then I was off to a reception.

I got a phone call from my wife around 8pm to call home if I could. Katie was in bad shape and missing her daddy and wouldn’t go to bed. She cheered up once I got on the Skype with her. I’m not sure what she liked the most…seeing me or the promise of the present I was going to bring her.

1) Katie was really missing her daddy this evening.