Day #1774 (Wed., Nov. 12, 2014) – Present For Katie

2014-11-12 - Swan HotelThe photo to the left shows the Swan Hotel where I was staying during my time in Orlando.

Daddy’s schedule was pretty full today with meetings, but I did manage to go to the gift shop at noon to see if they had anything a four year old girl would like in terms of a present. They had the typical Mickey Mouse t-shirts and dolls. Just when I was about to leave I came across the perfect gift for Katie. An Ariel the Little Mermaid…

I Skyped just after 5pm today. Katie was very excited to see her daddy. She kept prompting me to tell her about the present I would bring her. All I told her is that it had something to do with Ariel.

We had drinks downstairs in one of the restaurants from 6-7pm. When I got back to the hotel room at 7:30pm I tried to Skype home again (sometimes Katie needs to see daddy before she goes to bed). The power in Chapel Hill was out.

1) I found the perfect present for Katie…a “Little Mermaid Figurine Set”.