Day #134 (Mon., May 17, 2010) – Happy Anniversary

Today is our second wedding anniversary. My wife and I talked about going out to eat, but it tends to be a very unpredictable event depending upon the mood of our little one. It’s supposed to rain this evening as well. We’ll play it by ear and see what happens. Maybe this weekend will be more workable.

2010-05-17 - Visor
2010-05-17 - Visor

The photo to the right shows little Katie’s most recent fascination. It’s basically a visor for the car, but it has plenty of fun things to play with. We placed it on the Jumperoo so she can have something to do when she is taking a break from wearing out the springs. See the smiley face sun? The material is cloth and if you lift it up is exposes a mirror. Little Katie is having great fun lifting the sun and seeing her own smiling face.

This was a strange day for little Katie. She had three naps and each time she refused to eat before sleeping. My wife just put her to bed and she fell asleep without eating. This was the first time that it was consistent all day long. We’re not sure what to make out of it. Perhaps she is still winding down from the weekend’s activities.

My wife also told me that before each nap little Katie would spend about 15 minutes twirling around. She would put her in the crib length-wise, and she would manage to navigate her little body into a 90 angle…and quickly at that. Once she even did 180 degrees.

Since it was raining today little Katie didn’t go out for a stroll. Instead she spent some time with my wife on the patio.

7:31pm – Little Katie is in a very “reflective” mode right now. She is sitting in the Jumperoo and “staring daddy down”. Once in a while she will get into the mood to “jump”…and away she goes…


1) Little Katie had three naps without eating beforehand today.
2) Little Katie is becoming a little top in the crib.