Day #1786 (Mon., Nov. 24, 2014) – Friends From Dallas

Katie hit Elery at school today. We’re not totally sure of the circumstances but Nicky made Katie draw a picture to give to Eleri tomorrow as a form of an apology. Katie later told my wife what she had done in a rather embarrassed tone.

2014-11-24 - Restaurant BubblesMy wife’s friends from Dallas came to visit us today. We went out to the Korean Grill Buffet to eat this evening. Katie really enjoyed following Inga and my wife around the restaurant more than she did the food. She was a bit upset that there were no fish in the pond area as soon as you enter the restaurant. There were bubbles though (see photo to the right).

When we got home from the restaurant Katie and Inga were dancing in the living room. Inga was showing her some moves and Katie was cackling with delight. Soon they went off to Katie’s bedroom where Inga read her stories.

1) Katie was upset that there were no fish in the pond at the Korean Grill Buffet.