Day #1787 (Tue., Nov. 25, 2014) – Preschool Drama

Apparently there was more drama at Katie’s preschool today. Katie showed up with the drawing/coloring that she made for Elery and apparently Elery pushed Katie? The story is a bit murky (you know how hard it is to get details about school from Katie), but Katie told the teacher and Elery explained that she was just playing. Another dramatic episode in the “Katie & Elery” show…

2014-11-25 - Princess Coloring PagesMy wife entertained Inga and Darrell today by taking them to the various attractions around Chapel Hill. They went to the Duke Chapel and even managed to go to Hillsborough. They ended up having lunch in Hillsborough at a great little restaurant. Later in the afternoon they stopped off at Wal-Mart where Katie was able to get some big princess coloring pages (see photo to the left).

This evening we had TJ’s lasagna. Katie ate like a bird (which is usual). Inga mentioned that she thinks Katie is very intelligent for her age.

1) Inga mentioned that Katie is very intelligent for her age.