Day #1788 (Wed., Nov. 26, 2014) – Assembling Katie’s Desk

Katie is sick today. She has had a bad cough for the past few days but today she actually had a fever. My wife was planning on taking her to Spence’s Farm as her preschool is closed, but that was not to be. Hopefully we will be able to get our money back.

My wife’s friends from Dallas left around noon today. They are going up to colonial Williamsburg to spend Thanksgiving there with friends.

2014-11-26 - Katie's DeskUsually the company I work at lets us out early on Thanksgiving. This was not to be the case this year so I left at the usual 5pm. I was thinking of picking up a prescription for my wife on the way home from work but she told me that Katie was missing me badly so I went home.

When I got home this evening my wife was assembling Katie’s new desk on the living room floor (see photo to the right). We don’t have any Thanksgiving food for tomorrow, so after greeting Katie and having dinner I was off to Trader Joe’s for supplies. The power was out in intermittent businesses and since Trader Joe’s was one of them I ended up at WholeFoods. I got an organic turkey breast for $20 and lots of sides. Katie has been asking for clementines so I got some of those as well.

1) Katie has a new desk now.