Day #1789 (Thu., Nov. 27, 2014) – A Relaxing Thanksgiving

My wife and I decided that we would have a “no stress” relaxing Thanksgiving this year. No people over, just Katie and us. In fact, we were not sure we would even cook a turkey (but that was resolved last night with my WholeFoods visit).

2014-11-27 - Coloring A CastleWhen I got back from the gym this morning my wife wanted to take a nap so I tended to Katie. We watched a bit of the Thanksgiving Day Parade on television and made a nice coloring of a castle with Repunsel letting down her hair (see photo to the right). Soon we were having a fashion show with “Miss Penelope Pooh” (i.e.: one of Katie’s cutouts) and her my little pony collection.

My wife cooked the turkey for our afternoon meal and we had stuffing, gravy, potatoes and cranberry sauce. Katie picked around the food mostly but she did enjoy the whipped cream on the pumpkin pie.

I had to take the drill to fix a part of Katie’s desk that was not made properly. I also put an angle bracket on it for more stability.

While I took a nap in the afternoon my wife and Katie put up the Christmas tree.

This evening Katie was playing with Robin on her bed and even managed to cover him up with clothes and a cowboy hat. Soon she was feeding him goldfish. When my wife told her that goldfish are not good for cats she replied “Ah mom, Robin in a bit cat and I just gave him a little piece”.

1) Katie and us had a very “stress free” Thanksgiving today.