Day #1794 (Tue., Dec. 2, 2014) – Nicky The Godsend

Both my wife and I had a meeting this morning so Nicky took Katie to school. She has been a real help to us…filling in when we need her the most… The other day she reminded us that we have not used our Christmas present from last year…a free babysitting night in which she takes care of Katie while we go out on a date.

2014-12-02 - BoxesWhen I got home from work this evening it was time to do some more packing and moving (see photo to the left). First I took the “workbench” from the downstairs office area to the shed. I then took 12 boxes from the upstairs office to the downstairs office so my wife could put them on the bookcases.

Katie was in a rather whiny mood again this evening. She wanted some ice cream but I told her that she needed to eat some of the fish her mother made her first. She said she didn’t like fish (like father like daughter…it’s lower on my list as well). At any rate, once she choked a few pieces down we gave her some ice cream.

The cats were in a rather strange and wild and energetic mood this evening. I think all the moving and packing and such awakens their wild side. We did find an old mouse nest behind one of the bookcases so maybe they got a “whif” of mouse scent. That’s one good thing about having cats…we haven’t seen any mice around since we got them…

1) Nicky took Katie to preschool this morning.