Day #1795 (Wed., Dec. 3, 2014) – Father/Daughter Talk

Last night I told Katie that if Elery only wants to play with her when she has nobody else to play with that is not a good sign of friendship. A true friend would include her when she was playing with other girls. I guess it got through to her because she mentioned it to my wife this morning.

2014-12-03 - Five Colors For DrawersThis evening I made a stir fry out of the vegetables I got at Trader Joe’s yesterday. The meat option was ham. I also made some buckwheat crepes with almond butter. Katie was all over the ham. Upon frying it becomes a lot like bologna. I told my wife that Katie would probably really love bologna sandwiches.

This evening my wife and I went over various colors for Katie’s new bedroom. While the walls need to be a lighter color we are going to be painting the five drawers in the check of drawers five different shades of the selected color (which looks like lavender at this stage). You can see the selection of colors in the photo to the left.

1) Looks like the concept of true friendship is dawning on Katie.