Day #1808 (Tue., Dec. 16, 2014) – Katie’s New Desk

I stopped off at Party City after work today to pick up some paper plates for Katie’s class. We did have some paper plates with Santa Claus on them but decided that these plates (with snowflakes on them) would be better in case those people who don’t keep Christmas get offended.

2014-12-16 - New DeskNicky gave Katie some “Ariel The Mermaid Legos” today. We had planned on giving Katie a set of them for Christmas or her birthday.

I pushed Katie’s new desk into her new room this evening (see photo to the left). It’s an adult desk so hopefully it will last til she goes to college. I suppose if she goes to UNC and stays at home we can just wheel it downstairs and give her the lower floor of the house as an apartment?

1) I wheeled Katie’s new desk into her new bedroom this evening.